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Ian Hoge Psychotherapy 

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Marriage and Family Therapy
Specializing in Kids,
and Adult Trauma.

Ian Hoge is a Psychotherapist, Meditation teacher and certified Yoga Instructor located in Santa Monica CA. He specializes in Brainspotting Trauma therapy, mindfulness practices and yoga movement for Kids, Adolescents, and Adults. As a Marriage and Family therapist he emphasizes the importance of working with the family system as a whole to address mental health challenges. Ian wants to help people connect deeper with themselves so they have access to their full intelligence, not just in their mind, but also their body and spirit. 


Outside of psychotherapy Ian loves paying the Harmonium and teaching yoga and meditation to kids and adults. Ian is the Mindfulness Director at Stephen Wise School, The mindfulness Director at Peak Brain Neurofeedback Institute and a Certified Yoga Instructor at Corepower yoga. 

*Sessions available in person or Skype

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